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About Estymol Farms

Estymol Farms Ltd started operations on the 20th of July, 2018.

It was designed to be a one-stop farm where our customers can access all their farm produce needs in one farm.

Our Farm Products

Our Poultry section started with one layers Pen, but currently house layers in three massive Pens, producing farm fresh eggs daily to meet the needs of our customers.

We also have broilers production Pens with a capacity of eight thousand broilers per cycle.

We do contract production for specific customers for now.

We rear COCKEREL  seasonally to meet the need of our customers.

We also rear TURKEY seasonally to meet the need of our customers.

Our Pig section has a breeder house, and finishers house. At every every cycle, we have 100 to 200 pigs ready for sale as finishers for our customers, apart from the growers and weaners.

We have capability of over 2000 giant table top snails for sale apart from our breeder snails.

We rear Goats and Sheep in this section. We hope to expand to Cattle rearing through the Feedlot system in the near future.

Our farm seats on a large expanse of land allowing us to take the advantage of meeting the increasing demands of our products.

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